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Do You Believe in NEW Miracles?!?

It may not be as amazing as the Miracle on Ice in Lake Placid, NY in 1980, but last night when the Men’s US Hockey Team took on the “best team ever assembled,” Team Canada, and won, it was pretty freakin’ awesome!

I thought the match up would be bittersweet for me at first. My favorite NHL team, the Detroit Red Wings, essentially put this team together. My boyhood (adulthood too) favorite, Steve Yzerman, is the man in charge of Team Canada (the favorites to win gold) and he brought along the Red Wings General Manager, Ken Holland & the Head Coach, Mike Babcock to assemble, manage and coach Team Canada.

Once the Red Wings own Brian Rafalski scored the first goal for the US, my alliances to Stevie Y and Team Canada went out the door. As the game progressed, my National Pride kicked in more and more. I really began to hate those rotten, dirty, cheap shot artist, Canadians. There are plenty of no-good, bending the rules, Canadians to dislike on that team too…

Exhibit A, Chris Pronger. Never liked him, never will. He man-handled plenty of Red Wings in his days with the St. Louis Blues, his brief stint in Edmonton and is his dastardly days in Anaheim with the Ducks.

Then we have Ryan Getzlaff & Corey Perry from the Ducks. If watching those two knuckleheads play against your favorite team doesn’t make you understand hockey violence, nothing will. I’ve never seen two guys use their sticks and elbows more than those two goons.

I almost forgot to mention Iginla. He’s deceptively vicious. Especially when he’s losing. Poor sport, no doubt about it. I digress…

The cherry on top of the whole sundae has to be Sidney Crosby. No, he really hasn’t done anything mean or dirty (except beat my beloved Red Wings for the Stanley Cup last Spring), but the constant love-fest of this whiney but talented Canadian is enough to make me puke.

While the current batch of US players are not college kids playing against pros (like the 1980 Gold Medal Team), this group of players, aided by the outstanding play of Michigan States own, Ryan Miller in goal, are a bunch of hard working, blue-collar types… at least by NHL Superstar standards. They just flat out worked hard all game long against a far more talented team.

I’m looking forward to these final days of the Olympics in Vancouver and hoping to see another Miracle on Ice in 2010.

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