Forward Down the Field…

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It’s September and that means one thing… FOOTBALL!

Okay ladies, don’t tune out just yet! I have some questions…

Yes, College Football started Thursday night, it’ll be in full swing Saturday (GO BLUE!). Not too mention the NFL Thursday Night in Prime Time. I’m a long suffering Lions Fan, once again I’m fully on the bandwagon with an extra heaping helping of Detroit Lions optimism. I never learn… kind of like Cubs Fans. (That one was for you Mark Arnold).

I may be painting a broad stroke here, but let’s be honest, are most of the ladies interested in watching the games. There are plenty of females sporting Buckeye gear here in Ohio, but I’ve found in Buckeye crazed Central Ohio that football is more cultural for some. It’s all about wearing Scarlet & Gray with some Buckeye nuts strung around your neck and a Bud Light in your hand… plenty of Bud Light. You can probably say that about most college towns.

Either way, I have a couple of questions:

Ladies, first off, do you watch football or even enjoy it? Be honest. Secondly, if you don’t like it, do you allow your husband or boyfriend to watch the games? Yes, I said allow. Lastly, if he’s allowed to watch what are you doing to entertain yourself for three and a half hours?

Talk amongst yourselves…

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2 thoughts on “Forward Down the Field…

  1. Laura says:

    I LOVE football season!

    Notice I said “season.” I could not possibly care less about the game… but my husband loves it. He does so few fun things for himself that I couldn’t, in good conscience, get in the way of this one. After watching football, he is thoroughly relaxed, de-stressed, and entirely appreciative of my non-nagging attitude. As for what I do to pass the time: If I want some together time, I sit with him and knit. Like most men, he really appreciates “shoulder to shoulder” companionship(for bonus points, I ask questions about the game.) If I want a little time to myself, I go work on a project or read.

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