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Detroit Pride…


When you’re from Detroit, you can seem like you’re a little rough around the edges. People sometimes call you negative or pessimistic and truth be told, sometimes we are.

Detroit has seen it’s fair share of heartache.

The Big Three Auto Companies have fallen on tough times… but they’re fighting back.

The City and the State of Michigan have lost tons of jobs and a lot of people have packed up and headed out of State (myself included)… but Michigan is making progress.

So when the lowly Detroit Lions took Center Stage on Monday Night Football against the Chicago Bears, the table was set for a wonderful Cinderella Story. The team that lost every game in 2008 was finally back on Monday Night Football.

As Barry Sanders introduced the City of Detroit and the Lions to a National audience, I couldn’t help but swell with pride for the City that will always be where I’m from. You can’t take that out of a Detroiter. It’s in us and will never leave.

The emotions I felt were similar to that Chrysler commercial during the Super Bowl. Detroit had been knocked down many times, but they weren’t down for the count.

The Lions have brought a new excitement to Motown. Detroit’s always been a football town. The Red Wings were our only hope for years. They’ve been winning and building an amazing organization for 20 years. The Tigers are doing their fair share lately too, but Detroit has been waiting on the edge of their seats for the Lions to win for 50 years.

Every Pre-Season the excitement and optimism grows… then the season starts and reality sets in. Not this year. Things are different, you can feel it. This Lions team has something special, maybe not a Super Bowl, but they’re on the right track. Shedding their losing mentality and winning football games… even the games they should lose.

I remember going to the parade when the Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1997 in Downtown Detroit. There were over One Million people there. If the Lions win the Super Bowl, I don’t think the City of Detroit will be able to handle the Millions that would show up. It’d be like a National Holiday in Michigan.

Needless to say, Detroit was proud of their team on Monday Night. There’s something brewing with the Lions and Detroiters all over the Country are loving every minute of it. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, Ndamukong Suh, Jahvid Best, Head Coach Jim Schwartz and the entire team gave us plenty to be proud of.

Keep it going Lions… hopefully the best is yet to come.

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Back In Time…

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The other day, my buddy, Bill Moore, posted a blog about what he would tell the 17 year old version of himself today. He’d travel back in time like Marty McFly to “fix” some of the glaring errors he made back in the 80?s. I’m sure Huey Lewiswould be blaring in the background but I think Bill would be driving his Mustang, not aDelorean.

Either way, it got me to thinking, what I might say… for me it’d be more of a Breakfast Clubscenario.

High School was not a pleasant experience for me. Lots of angst. Thankfully, it’s where I met my wife and that was awesome, but the culture and circumstances I found myself in were less than ideal. There were some good moments, but overall my memory of High School was me getting in trouble constantly. I was a cross between Bender and Claire. A rebel who had a little popularity (plus I was spoiled rotten).

You know how everyone always remembers that one teacher that believed in them and changed their lives? Yeah, that never happened for me. Cry me a river, right? Was I rebellious? Was I a pain in the butt? Was I disrespectful? Yup. Sometimes free thinkers look like that. I was just a kid after all.

I won’t regale you with all the gory details, but needless to say, Mom & Dad got a lot of gray hair during those years (I probably even gave Cheryl’s parents a few).

I have a few things to tell you. Listen up butt-head!

1. Stop arguing with your parents. They actually know a few things. I realize you know everything already, but indulge them.

2. For the love of God, please pay attention to the car in front of you. I know you’ve already crashed your T-Bird a few times by now, but there are many more to come. It’s called keeping a safe distance between you and the car in front of you. By the way, you’ll be waiting a while to get that thing back from your uncle. Get used to Dad’s Grand Marquis.

3. When you graduate from High School you are going to grow a mullett. People are going to make fun of those things forever. I know Richard Marx’s looks really cool, but please believe me they are considered quite possibly the worst hairdo in history. People still have them. There are entire websites dedicated to mocking them.

4. Websites. You are going to love these. Just like Bill said, invest in Apple. Ask your Dad if you can borrow $1,000, in fact tell him to buy a bunch of it too. By 2011, you’ll be set for life!

5. Girls lose their minds around 19. I have no idea why, but I’m just trying to prepare you. Don’t worry though, it all works out in the end.

6. Don’t stop thinking and asking questions. I know, I know, that is what gets you in hot water with the establishment known as Inter City Baptist School, but it’s okay to think for yourself. My suggestion is that you start journaling instead of asking your teachers. They don’t get it or they do and they’re trying to beat it out of you. Your opinions and thoughts will serve you well one day.

7. College is a joke. I know people will tell you differently, but it’s a giant cash cow. Take a few months, even a year or so and figure out what you like doing then pursue it. If college will help you in that pursuit, do it. If not, it’s okay.

8. For crying out loud, stick with something! God’s given you a lot of talent. If you find something you like doing, your natural abilities will take you pretty far, but there will be a time where you have to work hard to achieve your dreams. Quit quitting when things get hard!

9. Stop worrying about what people think. You’ll never please everyone. The only people you need to please are God and your spouse (and you can’t always please her either). Be who God created you to be. He’ll help you if you keep your eyes on Him.

10. Put the potato chips down. They are your kryptonite. Food is not the answer man. Get outside or play a sport or something.

11. Don’t ever use credit cards. You have a serious impulse control problem (See potato chips above). Again, stuff is not the answer.

12. Stop losing your temper. It’s ugly. Yes, people are annoying, but you need to learn that you can’t control every situation and get over yourself. Sometimes the Red Wings/Lions/Wolverines will lose. It’s just a game. Move on.

13. Get a guitar and practice playing it. You’re going to need it.

14. Stop believing the bad things people say about you and stop putting yourself down. God is so proud of you. You are an amazing dude. Trust me, people love you.

15. Most importantly, pursue God with all your heart, body and spirit. He is all that matters in this life. He has plans for you and He loves you more than you can ever imagine.

Now, I want to give you a little good news:

First off, your wife is amazing. You really got the best chick in the world. You guys are madly in love.

You’ll love this, you finally got a dog! Try to figure out why he’s afraid of thunder storms… and pretty much everything else. Either way, you got a dog Dude!

Don’t give up on the Red Wings. The jury is still out on the Lions… things are looking good though (but you’ll think that every year).

Last but not least, it might take a while, but you are finally starting to figure things out. The key is putting your life in the hands of Jesus Christ. He’s a genius at making you exactly who you were made to be. Let go and let God take you on the adventure of your lifetime.

Tell me, what would you tell yourself now that you’re older and wiser?

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Forward Down the Field…

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It’s September and that means one thing… FOOTBALL!

Okay ladies, don’t tune out just yet! I have some questions…

Yes, College Football started Thursday night, it’ll be in full swing Saturday (GO BLUE!). Not too mention the NFL Thursday Night in Prime Time. I’m a long suffering Lions Fan, once again I’m fully on the bandwagon with an extra heaping helping of Detroit Lions optimism. I never learn… kind of like Cubs Fans. (That one was for you Mark Arnold).

I may be painting a broad stroke here, but let’s be honest, are most of the ladies interested in watching the games. There are plenty of females sporting Buckeye gear here in Ohio, but I’ve found in Buckeye crazed Central Ohio that football is more cultural for some. It’s all about wearing Scarlet & Gray with some Buckeye nuts strung around your neck and a Bud Light in your hand… plenty of Bud Light. You can probably say that about most college towns.

Either way, I have a couple of questions:

Ladies, first off, do you watch football or even enjoy it? Be honest. Secondly, if you don’t like it, do you allow your husband or boyfriend to watch the games? Yes, I said allow. Lastly, if he’s allowed to watch what are you doing to entertain yourself for three and a half hours?

Talk amongst yourselves…

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Superbowl Spin-o-rama…

It’s Superbowl Sunday and you know what that means… another year of futility for Lions’ fans.

Today is the day that Lions’ fans have to choose who to root for. You’ve got the face of the NFL, Peyton Manning, going for his 2nd Superbowl win. On the other side, it’s the darlings of the media and the underdog, the New Orleans Saints.

The Saints are obviously the feel good story. They had Hurricane Katrina. It would be  great to see something nice happen to a city that was underwater just a few years ago. They need a little joy in their lives. Just an aside here, how long do they get our sympathy? Just wondering if there is a timetable. I mean Detroit has never been underwater, but they certainly could use a our sympathy.

The Colts and Peyton Manning don’t have any adversity to speak of really. Unless living in Indiana counts. They get snow, that has to count for something. Most everyone who really thinks about it believes they’ll win. Peyton makes living out of picking apart NFL defenses.

But from a Lions fan perspective, you almost always have to have an alternate favorite team to watch during the NFL season. You know that in all likelihood you’ll be watching another season where your team doesn’t make the playoffs, so you need a backup plan.

For me, after moving to Ohio I had 2 teams to choose from. The Browns and the Bengals. Ummm… they’re both notoriously bad. The Bengals had a decent year, made the playoffs and laid an egg. The Browns – well, the Browns lost to the Lions. The Lions won two games this year.

So here comes the Superbowl and you want to choose a team to cheer on. As a Lions fan do you pick the team that gives you the best chance (the Colts) or the team that used to suck and is now in the Superbowl (the Saints)?

If you choose the Colts and they win the game you can rest easy in the fact that you went with the safe choice as you enjoy the blue and white confetti fall at the end of the game. On the other hand, if you choose the Saints and they win the game, you can let that be a sign of hope for you. “If the Saints can suck all those years and win, why not the Lions? Our time is coming!” Sure Detroit didn’t have Hurricane Katrina, but they did have Kwame Kilpatrick, Monica Conyers, the Auto Industry getting kicked while they were down and the devastation of the Matt Millen Years.

So no matter what team you are a die hard fan of during the regular season, you have a choice to make today. The Colts or the Saints. The Hall of Fame bound QB or the team that really stunk up New Orleans all those years and now has a chance to make it smell less (although we haven’t even talked about the debauchery that we’ll see in that city if they win… and that’s before Mardi Gras).

I haven’t decided yet. My gut says I should go with the Saints… I’m used to going with the dark horse, the fifty to one shot. After all, I’m a Lions fan.

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